January 20, 2013:
Today marks the one-year anniversary of my debut solo album, “THE APOCALYP$E MIXTAPE”. 
Composed of songs written from 2003 through 2012, it was an album I was convinced may never be finished. The equivalent of a Dr. Dre’s “Detox”, if you will. But over that 9 year period, I finally completed my masterpiece.

I did all the original vocals, instruments and artwork on the album. I burned, printed, cut and folded each one of those CDs and album covers individually. “THE APOCALYP$E MIXTAPE” is about as DIY as it gets.

The fact that it was completed and released in 2012 was a complete coincidence. My original goal was to complete the album in early 2008. I had not even heard of the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse theories for years. I wrote the song “Party Like the End of the World” in 2005, seven years before all the End of the World mania that 2012 had to offer. But hey, I can’t say that coincidence didn’t work out in my favor!

My theory is, if the End of the World does pay us a visit, it will most likely be OUR fault.

So to celebrate the album’s one-year anniversary, I have made my debut album “THE APOCALYP$E MIXTAPE” available to download for FREE (for a limited time only) at my Bandcamp page:

- DC