Tim Armstrong (Rancid/Operation Ivy) covers the Dr. Seuss classic, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”!

2Pac with George Clinton, “Can’t C Me” (1996)

I’m 99.9% sure Dr. Dre produced this one.

"US can’t tell other countries to improve their records on policing and peaceful assembly if it won’t clean up its own human rights record"
- Amnesty International (via Twitter @amnesty)


Hipsters are “no longer relevant”.
- DC

In 2012 I covered the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Theme Song!
You’ve seen its comeback since then. Not to take credit for that or anything…

Danny Christ, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

#tmnt #ninjaturtles #turtlepower

From Chef Aid: The South Park Album

Rancid, “Brad Logan” (1998)

"Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq to stop genocide" (




Greatest Freestyle of All Time

Tech N9ne, “Confessional Freestyle”

On Christmas Day 2013, I released a Danny Christ side project called “The Copyright Infringement Tape”. This project is a fun, educational history lesson composed of funk/soul/R&B/pop/rock music the public will recognize from nearly hundreds of Hiphop & Rap classics, but which were ORIGINALLY written and performed by artists such as James Brown, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Isaac Hayes, Zapp & Roger, Isley Brothers, Rick James, Queen & David Bowie etc. etc.

Mixcloud has recently been changing their rules and regulations and unfortunately, a lot of excellent projects have been taken down! Last time I checked however, “The Copyright Infringement Tape” is still available to be experienced right NOW for FREE at:

But it may not be for too much longer. So check out this project while you still can! Here is the track listing and the original music included in each track:

Track 01 “Dr. Dre”
• Leon Haywood, “I Wanta Do Something Freaky to You”
• Parliament, “Mothership Connection (Star Child)”
• Charles Wright & Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band,
“Express Yourself”
• Parliament, “P Funk Wants to Get Funked Up”
• Donny Hathaway, “Little Ghetto Boy”
• Willie Hutch, “Brothers Gonna Work It Out”
• Kay Gee, “Who’s the Man?”
• George Clinton, “Atomic Dog”
• David McCallum, “The Edge”
• Labbi Siffre - “I Got The…”
• Joe Cocker, “Woman to Woman”

Track 02 “Hiphop Classicks”
• Isley Brothers, “Footsteps in the Dark”
• Brick, “Dazz”
• Lakeside, “Fantastic Voyage”
• Stevie Wonder, “Pastime Paradise”
• Michael McDonald, “I Keep Forgettin’”
• Isaac Hayes, “Hung Up On My Baby”
• Freddie Scott, “You Got What I Need”
• Funkadelic, “Knee Deep”
• Aerosmith, “Dream On”
• Dorothy London (Annie), “It’s the Hard Knock Life”

Track 03 “Cypress Hill”
• The Outlaw Blues Band, “Deep Gully”
• Gene Chandler, “Duke of Earl”
• Lowell Fulsion, “Tramp”
• Jimmy McGriff, “The Bird”
• Dusty Springfield, “Son of a Preacher Man”
• Junior Parker, “Taxman”
• 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett, “Theme from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Track 04 “Wu-Tang Clan”
• Charmels, “As Long As I’ve Got You”
• Wendy Rene, “After Laughter Comes Tears”
• Marvin Gaye, “You’re All I Need to Get By”
• Bob James, “Nautilus”
• Jackson 5, “Maybe Tomorrow”
• Isaac Hayes, “Walk on By”

Track 05 “Tupac and Biggie”
• Dennis Edwards, “Don’t Look Any Further”
• Zapp & Roger, “Be Alright”
• Joe Sample, “In All My Wildest Dreams”
• Bruce Hornsby & The Range, “The Way it Is”
• Mtume, “Juicy Fruit”
• Isley Brothers, “Between the Sheets”
• Debarge, “Stay With Me”
• Diana Ross, “I’m Comin Out”

Track 06 “Break Beatz”
• James Brown, “The Payback”
• Lee Dorsey, “Get Out My Life Woman”
• James Brown, “Funky Drummer”
• Zapp & Roger, “More Bounce to the Ounce”
• The JB’s, “The Grunt”
• Tom Tom Club, “Genius of Love”
• Incredible Bongo Band, “Apache”
• The Mohawks, “Champ”
• Skull Snaps, “It’s A New Day”
• Joe Tex, “Papa Was Too”
• Ohio Players, “Funky Worm”

Track 07 “Top 40”
• Chic, “Good Times”
• Queen & David Bowie, “Under Pressure”
• Rick James, “Superfreak”
• The Police, “Every Breath You Take”
• Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, “The Message”
• Kool & The Gang, “Hollywood Swinging”
• Linda Lyndell, “What A Man”
• Kool & the Gang, “Summer Madness”
• South Park, “You Downloaded a Lot of Songs…”


This one is dedicated to allllllll the Ladies out there… ;)

2Pac & Ice-T, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” (Live)

Richard Cheese, “Holiday in Cambodia” (Dead Kennedys cover)