Damn kids these days with your overly-sensitive, self-absorbed indie-pop music. When I was your age…
- DC

Alice Cooper, “I’m Eighteen” (1971)

Old school Billy Idol

Generation X, “Kiss Me Deadly” (1978)

UPDATE: The FCC has extended their deadline to this Friday, July 18!


The Corporations are trying to take the Internet away from us. They are trying to con the FCC into dismantling Net Neutrality, aka The Open Internet and give a separate “super highway” to the Corporations. This “super highway” will be Separate from the one WE use for free speech, creativity, sharing information and news, so the “super highway” can continue to generate Profits, and OUR Internet is left out to die out on its own, like an Altavista or MySpace.

July 15, 2014 is the Deadline to let the FCC know that THIS MUST BE STOPPED.

Go to fcc.gov/comments under proceeding #14-28 and let them hear it!!!!

- DC

R.I.P. Tommy Ramone

R.I.P. Tommy Ramone


Jello Biafra on Portlandia

Don’t be “cool” and “hip”.
Be anti-cool. Be anti-hip.
Don’t Follow the Leader. The Crowd will lead you nowhere.
Live your life the way you want to live your life, and do what is right for you.
- DC

Happy 4th of July



"No Son of MINE is going to be a sweaty little JOCK!"

The forthcoming Danny Christ song “Left Vs. Right” was originally supposed to be on my 2012 album “THE APOCALYP$E MIXTAPE”.
But it wasn’t ready then. It would have felt rushed and unfinished if I put that on the record. Plus, if I waited around to put “Left Vs. Right” on that album it might have never came out!
Sometimes to put out quality work, you may have to give it time to develop. Hell, I know it looks like I put out “THE APOCALYP$E MIXTAPE” like it was nothing! But there are songs on there that I wrote a decade ago!
I understand the desire to let everyone hear what you’ve done, and the need to put music out immediately. But if the song or project feels unfinished, it can be a good idea to let it sit for a bit and develop into the quality piece of work it is.
The LEFT VS. RIGHT EP will also have several other new Danny Christ songs, including a Hiphop record promoting the importance of Education, entitled “ABCz N 123z”!
This EP will be worth the wait.

- DC

I’m Progressive, because I correct everyone to think more like Me. (Takes Selfie)

"Fighting For Hip-Hop In The Whitest City In America"